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How to eat a dancer? Top 7 dietitian’s tips

How to eat a dancer? Top 7 dietitian’s tips

“Call me too bulky for the stage! I have never felt such humiliation!» Wiping away her tears, Katya promised that she would never set foot diet for dancersin the casting again. I don’t remember her being a bun thin bone, short stature, beautiful body lines…But over the past year, she had not noticed how the usual 42nd changed to 44th. The difference is not too big, but for the stage, every half-kilo can be felt, especially with small growth, and in her case, it turned out to be.

It turned out that with high dance loads, her lifestyle changed a lot she began to eat not just irregularly, but rarely at all. It turns out that often during the whole day she could not eat at all, subsisting, at best, on an Apple, at worst fast food. But when I came home in the evening, I didn’t deny myself anything! I fell asleep well-fed, in the complete absence of stress. The result was not long in coming.

Often face the problem of lack of proper nutrition among dancers. After all, it’s no secret that the stage loves slender skinny girls! Let’s look at the top basic rules that dancers must adhere to in their active life to be always on top!


№ 1. What should I pay attention to first of all?

professional dancer diet— The diet of a specialist dancer, to start with, need to be light, however at the same time supply the body with all the essential vitamins, macro as well as mini components. With constant lots, power manufacturing is necessary and the body should receive it from items, without burdening the job of the intestinal tract. You should pay focus to items from the healthy protein team: fish, poultry, nuts. Fruits, as well as veggies, need to exist in the diet plan, as well as you need to not forget regarding eco-friendlies.

For Breakfast, it is best to consume intricate carbohydrates a range of grains in the type of porridge. You should likewise try to alternative items daily to guarantee variety.


№ 2.But what about a dancer with an uneven workload during the day?

It is recognized that nutritional experts identify fractional nourishment. And also what should a dancer do when there is an unequal dancers diet plan weight lossworkload throughout the day? In some cases, practice sessions last 4-5 hrs without a break? In order to constantly remain in great form, you need a balanced diet. When it comes to fractional, it is preferable for individuals with certain conditions of the body. There is no requirement to consume 5 or 6 times a day, given that we need a rest from frequently absorbing food. You should approach your diet regimen independently. Don’t search for a remedy product, it does not exist. There is no opportunity typically to eat? You can take with you products that will certainly fill up the supply of necessary components fruits, nuts, you can also have a snack with a granola bar or Hematogen. Most significantly, remember that every little thing is good in small amounts! We eat to live, not live to eat.

№ 3. It frequently takes place that professional dancers have a great deal of physical activity, and also they stay clear of sugary foods with buns, however, they still do not achieve the desired consistency. What mistakes can there be?

dancer workout and dietGenerally, errors in nourishment are typical for everyone, as well as dancers are no exception. With consistent employment, there is no need to readjust meals. And also if it is not feasible to do this, stores acquire products that are more pertaining to fast food than to typical food. Omit foods that contain a big amount of TRANS fat from your diet plan. It is also necessary to develop an alcohol consumption program and we are chatting regarding ordinary filtered water, and not regarding wonderful carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, etc. View your section dimension and also don’t eat way too much.

№ 4.What is better to consume before rehearsal? What’s much better after?

— Before rehearsing with food, you ought to be very cautious and also not overload the body, given that the lots are in some cases quite big, and a complete belly does not add to reduce and also movement. It is much better to consume at least an hour prior to the wedding rehearsal. This can be a plate of soup, and the second is the type of a part of fish or meat with tossed salad, a skillet with oil. After the lesson, you require to offer your body a break for half an hour or an hr, as well as then you can consume. If the time is currently late, it is better to consume a glass of kefir.

№ 5.What if you do not intend to have Breakfast in any way?

dancers diet plan weight lossIt is much better, naturally, to have Breakfast in the diet. Usually, those that have a late meal do not consume Breakfast. As quickly as you eliminate the food after six at night, you will automatically start eating Breakfast. If you still do not wish to have Breakfast, then make up the diet to ensure that it includes both grains, as well as fish/meat with vegetables, in brief, alternative products, and also do not focus on one point.

№ 6. What items assist the very best healing of the body after evening classes, to ensure that there is no thickness as well as the absence of rest?

Evening food is a different subject, you do not need to eat at night. And if the training finishes late in the evening, it is rather possible to do with a glass of kefir or consume 100 grams of cottage cheese with a fat material of 5-9%. You can additionally consume bitter tea with a spoonful of honey.

№ 7. Do you have any ideas or suggestions in the field of appropriate nutrition for a professional dancer?

The professional dancer’s nutrition ought to be made up in such a way that the body is not overwhelmed and at the exact same time receives enough nutrients thinking about consistent loads. View the portion dimension and also don’t extend your tummy. Do not ignore the drinking routine, you have to make use of 2 liters of the filtered system (non-boiled) water each day. In the morning, it is much better to consume complex carbohydrates. Well, if the diet regimen will be existing soups, they have a valuable effect on the body, without overloading it. Fish as well as meat with veggie salads on the side ought to be alternated. Do not forget concerning fruits, you can consume bread or wholegrain bread, dried fruits, and also nuts.

It’s a small issue to adhere to these straightforward recommendations and also make them a part of your life. The body works according to particular guidelines, and also if you aid it, the reward will certainly be charm and health! And this is so important for those who get on stage! I hope these suggestions will aid you always be in fantastic form, as well as the majority of importantly-feel energetic and easy!

How do you consume? Do you have your very own tricks for keeping fit? Share your pointers in the remarks!

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