Joy at dance school
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Joy at dance school

Joy at dance school

It is impossible to separate the success of parents from the success of skillful children. These thoughts will help the moms and dads of young dancers understand how to respond appropriately to certain working minutes. So that the child is delighted and effective in his work so that he has joy at the dance school.

Why do people dance?

joy school of danceMoms and dads often underestimate their role in children’s creative development (as well as professional growth). It’s not that they don’t develop them enough. On the contrary, today almost every child leads a very active “circular” life. Dancing for children is one of the most popular styles. Often a child is simply “sent” to the studio and not dealt with – they do not put in the necessary target settings. Often this “aimless” monotonous trip to dance clubs continues for many years. It does not bring success, does not form the desire for new heights. Unfortunately, there are usually similar circumstances.


Get feedback

If you have recently started attending a children’s dance studio, try from time to time (at least once a month) to chat with the instructor. To get feedback. Question. How does a child cope with tasks, what works, and what doesn’t? What do I need to work hard on? “Hard moments” have always been decided at your home. After such work, children began to progress and even began to appreciate what they had not been able to do before.

Don’t make your dreams come true through children

Perhaps we once dreamed of dancing on stage or being a ballerina. But it is much better to let the child go his own way and choose what suits him, what kindles and pleases him. If a children’s dance studio has become an important part of life. This does not mean that the child will certainly shine on stage, as you once dreamed of shining.

Be smart parents

If you are a serious and long-term dancer, you need to objectively measure your success. Does the child meet the teacher’s requirements? You should not recommend to your child that he is taking an exceptional dancer course. Competition in this place due to a serious and inaccurate assessment of the truth will lead to deterioration, low self-esteem, and, as a result, to self-doubt.

Joy at dance school Help to get through difficulties

Your child will grow up and his attitude towards dancing may also change. Perhaps it will turn into a dance hobby, or perhaps there will be some coldness in this procedure. The main thing is not to panic or make hasty decisions. Reach out your hand: talk, ask what interests you.
If the kid will devote a lot of time and attention to dancing, do not hesitate. If you catch a cold for activities that you loved so much until recently, you should just go through this period. This is usually due to seasonal fatigue or an overly active and hectic schedule that is difficult to maintain. Do not under any circumstances dramatize: “Quitting is much easier than finishing.” Time passed, and everything fell into place again.

Try to find “your” teacher

If the child has set a goal and is ready for additional work, it is important to choose the right group. The classroom environment must be appropriate and comfortable. So an instructor for children is not a great authority, but a real friend, a coach, from whom it is interesting and exciting to benefit.

Be proud of your child regardless of the resultsjoy school of dance

Even the smallest very first steps are sometimes difficult. The program, you understand how hard they are trying, how much work they put into their promotion. Always praise them for what they did, for always doing their best for more. Admittedly, it is very painful to hear harsh attacks from adults and criticism against a child after a performance. We are parents, so who can our children depend on if not us?

 Encourage self-reliance

Help, but don’t do all the work for them. Try not to help with work that the child may be doing himself. Make sure your child can prepare for the lesson and presentation. Knows how to take care of shoes, suits, and uniforms to get himself ready for training.

Don’t push them!

danceRegardless of how old your children are – support them in choosing a life path. Some find their way much later, but that’s not the point. The main thing is never to put pressure on them: the choice of children is their choice. Being a mom and dad for kids who are serious about dancing isn’t always easy. Of course, they are not difficult to evaluate and stroke, if you invest a lot of time and effort in their development. After all, these are our children! We love them very much. It doesn’t matter if they forget their part or make a mistake on stage, you need to make the hug after the show even stronger and warmer!


And if one day your child becomes an accomplished dancer and you can see those contented eyes of the audience taking the most amazing steps, you can be happy knowing that you played a significant role in his personal happiness and success and he felt joy in dance school.

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