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What is a dance card

I want to tell you a little about one interesting detail of the bathroom for girls, namely ballroom books. They were called Karn.

Ball notebook is an extremely fascinating device of balls of past centuries. In fact, this is just a small disc (publication, several tablets, a stack of cards), where the names of the gentlemen who greeted the dancing woman were recorded. Ballroom books were more often used by ladies, but men also used this sweet innovation. This little book can be a decoration. It was decorated with precious and semiprecious stones, silk, embroidery. Pages were usually made of paper or thin plates of ivory. The earliest versions of ballroom books were followers built from thin plates fixed with a rivet and also used as a keychain or in a special case made of porcelain or precious metals.

A miniature flat drawer, usually rectangular in shape, for storing lead, as well as plates of cream color or nacre. In the old days, it was traditional to take notes on them during the ball, in the theater, etc., as a rule, from court materials.

Carnival books designed for invitation videos.

If invitations to a small dance were constantly held at the ball, then the quadrille, mazurka, and cotillon were usually invited in advance. Both ladies and gentlemen had special dance records. For a “successful” girl, it was almost helpless to ask for a quadrille, and even more so a Mazurka or a cotillon, in the realm itself: everything was organized in advance.

And also just in this little book – Karne – all the dances were written, which will certainly go to the upcoming tour, and the gentleman, approaching the girl, asks to write down his name for this or that dance. That’s how hard it is!

And also just in this little book – Carne-were written in order all the dances that will certainly go to the upcoming round, and the gentleman, coming close to the girl, asks to write down his name for this or that dancing. That’s exactly how challenging it is!

The ballroom publication, Carne, was classy and small, and it suited the palm of your hand. It was generally bound in silver, bone, or leather with gold lettering, and also a miniature pencil was suspended from it. The pages were paper or bone. Bone books offered forever since the text was erased from them with a rubber band or a moist cloth. Carne was worn on a chain of fans or attached with a hook to the bodice of a ball dress.

Carne was often an item of fashion jewelry. The cover was enhanced with jewels, mother-of-pearl, gold monogrammed, inside guide there were several “leaves”, usually made from cream color, on a chain– a pencil, and also with the help of a special ring, it was affixed to the belt of a round gown.

The purpose of these books is not to accumulate evidence of the success of social appeals, on the other hand, they advised them against messing up, from the complication of companions. Otherwise, a dreadful detraction could be begun in culture, which not only denied the lady of her credibility but also due to it, her closest family members could pay for their careers.

Dancing girls were obliged to accept the invite of all the gentlemen without exception.

It was challenging for women to withstand the lure to consider the ballroom publication as a checklist of their love triumphs, due to the fact that typically the name of the Chevalier appeared on the web pages of Carne, indicating his liking and interest in its proprietor. However, the regulations of decorum highlighted that entrances in the round publication, as well as success in society, are not straight associated.

The order of invite to dance was likewise figured out in the XVIII century. Before the opening of the dance, youngsters engage the ladies. Individuals of the round, who did not know the figures well and also did not have a hearing, needed to refrain from dance. Dancing girls were obliged to accept the invite of all the gentlemen without exception. Dancing more than three times with the very same companion during a single round was thought about a bad form (from the French mauvais lot– bad form), the exception being the groom and bride.

In order not to neglect all their companions, the ladies were supposed to have a tiny notebook with which we started a discussion on this subject.

At the ball, they constantly followed the rules of ballroom decorum. If there were inadequate companions, all the men present were required to dance. The same policy applied if there were insufficient girls. It was taken into consideration indecent to decline one companion and also quickly approve an additional’s invite. Furthermore, when refused, it was the elevation of indecency to immediately welcome one more girl. Ballroom rules did not accept the constant option of partners for dancing – it was taken into consideration suitable to do 3 or four dances together, in between inviting other companions.
If the lady still had “complimentary dances”, then invitations to them were accepted without fail. If she is worn out and does not want to dance, she needs to go to another space. “Free dancing” in the Agency (karne) was perceived as evidence of the woman’s lack of success at the sphere. If she refused the man that invited her, the lady had to skip the dance. It was taken into consideration incredibly indecent and also disparaging to decline one as well as instantly approve the invitation of one more cavalier. Dancing with an unfamiliar person was regarded as a blatant offense of all policies of rules. It was tough for the girls to resist the lure to take into consideration the ballroom book as a checklist of their love success, since usually the name of the cavalier, which appeared on the web pages of the program, suggested his liking as well as interest in its proprietor. However, the guidelines of etiquette emphasized that entrances in the sphere publication and also success in society are not straight associated.

And also, returning to the ball-book, it worked as a type of proof of their appeal to the vain ladies. A lot more names – the higher the ranking is, in modern language. As well as their much less privileged friends had to cover the web pages of their ball book, so as not to disgrace themselves because of the small number of entrances.

The Сarne of modern girls is a normal cellphone, which stores SMS messages from prospective suitors in its memory.

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