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Rumba-a dance imbued with the spirit of freedom

Rumba is  Cuban a dance imbued with the spirit of freedom

Rumba attracts attention with original movements full of flirtation and interest. But did the unbridled emotions of two lovers become the basis of this dance? The history of design is fraught with interesting moments, which we invite you to find out about today, why the rumba-a dance of freedom.
Rumba-a dance imbued the spirit of freedom

What is Rumba, the distinctive features of dance

Rumba is a multicultural phenomenon, the rumba-a dance of freedom. Talking in modern language, it is a different subculture like the stylists, hippies, etc. This is a discussion concerning the unity of music as well as dancing, with the tune establishing the rhythm for the professional dancers.

Those who are hardly familiar with this dance style may think that it is dancing of love as well as passion. However, this is not the instance. Actual Cuban Rumba is a party, delight and also wish to take pleasure in life. The lyrics focus on 2 themes: national politics as well as caste. There is little love, yet a lot of energetic motions and a frenzied rhythm that is established by African drums.

Where did the distorted understanding of dancing originate from? By giving the style a worldwide condition. Ballroom Rumba is defined by a calmer, enchanting musical accompaniment, along with more stylish choreography. Viewing the flirtation of dancers on stage, you can not assist yet feel unfortunate and also longing for a lost love.
But this is not the end of the Rumba. The Cuban direction is split into three types, each of which is endowed with details attributes.

  • Guaguancois the most typical Rumba. It resembles a flirtation between two companions. At the same time, the man attempts to touch his partner with a scarf, and she effectively safeguards herself by doing gorgeous motions with her hips.
  • Yambu is the earliest Rumba, where the companion’s flirting with his companion additionally comes forward. However, everything is much softer and also not as bold as in guaguanco.
  • Colombia. Unlike previous selections, this Rumba originated in rural areas of Cuba. The style stands out for its fast pace, power, and compulsory existence of a male soloist.

rhumba danceAs a whole, the Rumba-a dance of freedom:

-pair dancing;

-amazing hip, body and arm movements;

-a unique environment of the tropics, supplying rest and happiness on the sea.

History of the Rumba

Cuba is considered the birthplace of this dancing category. Under the hot rays of the sunlight, scorching the island of Flexibility, as well as showed up Rumba, which was destined to win the hearts of millions around the world.

All of it began in the 60s of the XIX century, when the flow of without enslavement, put from the Eastern outskirts of Cuba to the significant cities: Havana and also Matanzas. Thousands of Africans offered the land of Liberty island 2 centuries previously began to spread their culture among the neighborhood populace. Former slaves worked out the working-class neighborhoods beside European immigrants and loaded the life around with African rhythms as well as dances.

It is notable that the basis of Rumba is not simply African practices, but the society of individual peoples of Africa. To be a lot more accurate, they are Bantu people. They cleared up in Havana and also ended up being the progenitors of the dance. Remarkably, Bantu dances are secular, that is, they were performed on various vacations. They have ritual roots, yet they are not essential.

Europeans, most of whom were Spaniards, as well as Africans– 2 societies at the joint of which the birth of the Rumba occurred. From the Spaniards, the design acquired the poetic dimension and also a vocal way of performing songs, from the Africans-the the drum noise and also energy.

Rumba-a dance of freedom

The abolition of enslavement in Cuba did not imply a calm life for the Negroes. Hard work has actually not vanished, neither has Rumba-a dance imbued the spirit of freedomdiscrimination. Liberty Island was easier for the black population: Africans were offered white rights. But at the same time, they were banned from tuning an engineer or a medical professional, playing instruments all over the country – on drums. If the police saw artists playing tumbadores or cajones in crowded locations, they promptly confiscated them.

It is impossible to make a country loaded with Rumba rhythms live without music as well as dancing. Amusing Cubans generated the suggestion of performing “Rumba de Bemba” on their lips. Actually, they extracted sounds using their mouths and also lips, puzzling the authorities. So, the design remained to reside in the very early XX century.

In the 50s, the performance of the Rumba can just be seen in metropolitan Solares. They were living quarters that surrounded yards. Likewise, the energy of the dancing accompanied the employees at the sugar handling manufacturing facilities as well as in local pubs. Individuals that recognized each other well usually gathered in these areas. Therefore, they enjoyed to offer themselves as much as music as well as dance to ignore the hard everyday life. That is why Rumba-a dance of freedom.

The Rumba category is characteristic of the poor people in Cuba.

Rumba was a category of dance for the poor. But in 1952, the style moved from the back streets of Solares to theatrical stages. His appearance amongst pundits is related to a team of friends who determined to form the Rumba ensemble “Guaguanco Matancero”.
Recordings that accompanied a local community meeting at Rooster Pub inspired by Rumba’s recordings.

The recently created team began to proactively carry out at numerous events, join numerous TELEVISION programs as well as radio broadcasts. 2 years later on, “Guaguanco Matancero” released the initial record with the recording of “Dolls” Los Muñequitos”), which came to be a nationwide hit as well as is still perceived as a particular design of Rumba, born in the province of Matanzas.

Closer to the 60s, the Cuban government “takes” the Rumba. The style ends up being politicized. The Ministry of culture is beginning to create companies dedicated to educating dancing, participate in the development of “individual” and also professional dancers, and actively promote the design at various events.

What triggered such passion on the part of the judgment ranks? The wish to alter the values of individuals. Nevertheless, the background of Rumba is primarily the background of dark-skinned Cubans. If the government is loyal to this dancing, then all racial bias is in the past. The politicization of Rumba is an effort to transform public predispositions.

What’s going on with Rumba today? The dance hasn’t really gone away. The dance is part of the Latin American ballroom dance program, with samba, cha-cha-cha, paso doble and jive.

Outside of Cuba.

The population in the United States was talking about Rumba back in 1914. But no one was specifically passionate concerning the dancing. It took around two decades for the design to handle a new type called “American Rumba”. A peculiar rejuvenation of the genre took place under the influence of jazz. Filled the choreography with simple numbers and clear step rhythms.


Europeans owe the appearance of the Rumba in their homeland to the dance instructor Pierre Lavelle. Traveling around Cuba, the country’s dance culture inspired him. He could not even leave her without the attention of his trainees in London. The style triggered a warmed debate amongst Prim Englishmen, but this did not prevent it from being standardized in 1955. By the way, in addition to Rumba, Lavelle enhanced the society of the Vintage and cha-cha-cha.

Fascinating truth

The primary devices utilized for the execution of the Rumba,– tumbadora, the clave as well as Cajon. Every one of them is percussive. But also for Cubans, the background of the Cajon is particularly remarkable. In its modern form, this tool is a wood box on which the artist sits. In the past, the role of Cajon was played by large wooden boxes for transporting fish from Spain to Cuba. When the bags were empty, they were picked up by local song fans to extract the reduced noises of Rumba.

Rumba was the current international style that was included by Soviet choreographers in the program of ballroom dancing. Soviet-era instructors were perplexed by the intriguing nature of the design.

rumbaYou can appreciate the performance of the Rumba in the cinema thanks to the prominent movie “Mask” (1994 The incendiary motions of Jim Carrey in the scene with the authorities are impossible to enjoy while remaining motionless. The shoulders begin to move on their own.

There are numerous variations concerning the beginning of the style name. The very first States that the term “rumboso orquestra” is based upon. At the start of the XIX century, this was the name of musicians doing dancing tunes. The 2nd is closely related to Spain, where the word “Rumbo “is made use of to mean” course”.

Rumba will constantly be related to Cuba as well as the spirit of flexibility that filled it with the initial dancers of African as well as Spanish descent. This spirit still survives on the streets of Havana, where dark-skinned Cubans take pleasure in dancing to the amazing sounds of African drums

Hot dance, free blood is available to everyone, read the first steps how to learn to dance the Rumba

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